Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lonely in the empty classroom T____T

Sadly, you didn't take me (and the computer) with you guys. I wanna have fun with you in the lab. T____T

Greeting to All

Dear students of SEA Studies of 2013-2014 class!!
Thank you for your enrollment in this Southeast Asian Studies class. Let me welcome all of you with this Thai way of greeting 'Sa wad dee ka'. The Studies of Southeast Asia might be a whole new subject for you but I believe that you will become familiar with it as soon as we get start. All of you, Mr. Massey and I are going to have lots of fun learning new things, exchanging cultural aspects and knowledge, and enjoying some wonderful, challenging experiences from SEA Studies course.  I'm so excited to see you all on our very first class. See ya!!

Kru Tuke ^^